Peachy Canyon Winery


Robert Henson

Peachy Canyon Winery's Winemaker, Robert Henson

Paso Robles, California

Accomplished winemaker, Robert Henson, joined Peachy Canyon Winery as Head Winemaker in 2015. With decades of experience in both the food and wine industries of California’s coastline, Henson lends a refined approach to the winemaking process with a focus on producing well balanced, high quality wines.


After studying Enology at Fresno State University, Henson honed his skills alongside acclaimed winemaker Michael Michaud, of Chalone Vineyards and later Michaud Vineyards, in the Chalone Appellation of Monterey County in the early 2000s.  Following his experience with Michaud, Henson served as winemaker for several small wineries along the Central Coast, earning accolades for his winemaking and establishing himself in the California wine scene.  In 2009, Henson focused his attention on San Luis Obispo County, heading up a custom crush facility while consulting for numerous small brands in the area.  Working with small, local wineries, Henson was able to focus his passion for producing award winning wines while continuing to be a lifelong learner in the craft of winemaking. When asked about working for Peachy Canyon, Henson expressed his enthusiasm, saying that "it's not everyday the opportunity comes along to work for one of Paso Robles' founding family-owned wineries." With a winemaking philosophy that champions balance, Henson has made a name for himself and for Peachy Canyon Winery by producing terroir driven, varietally correct wines.