Peachy Canyon Zinfandel Vineyard

Estate Vineyards

Peachy Canyon has five estate vineyards properties, all on the west side of Paso Robles, four of which are producing wine grapes as of this writing. These vineyards, while relatively close together, range widely in terroir and allow our winemaking team the opportunity to showcase the range of Paso Robles' microclimates.

Peachy Canyon's vineyards are farmed using sustainable practices. We compost all byproducts from the winery and reintroduce it to our soils every other year. We also grow barley in between our vine rows to help prevent erosion during the winter months.

In the spring we mow and then in Fall, we plant cover crops made up of oates, vetch, peas and legumes in between vine rows. During the growing year we use aggressive canopy management practices to minimize the risk of mildew which in turn reduces our need to spray. Weed control is done mostly by hand.

Water conservation is a huge factor in sustainable farming as well. Peachy Canyon strategically waters each vineyard block throughout the growing season allowing us to maximize the quality of the fruit, minimize water waste and reduce runoff. An added bonus to the water conservation program is that it reduces our use of electricity, another factor in sustainable farming. Pests are managed by introducing beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, and praying mantis. We spray organic stylet oil to manage our leaf hoppers, (the most common insect pest in our growing area) very rarely do we spray pesticides, and only when our crops are in dire straits. Nets are used to keep birds from consuming our crops, and traps are used to control gopher populations.