Peachy Canyon Zinfandel Vineyard

Old Schoolhouse Estate

This vineyard has the complete opposite growing conditions than the Snow Vineyard and is what makes the Old School House unique. This vineyard lies within the Templeton Gap which has a large coastal influence that greatly impacts the growing season. Lower degree days and more fog cover, allows the fruit to hang on the vine longer. This provides a balanced wine with finesse and complexity. Malbec and 18 Zinfandel clones that are separated by a seasonal creek make up our Old School House Vineyard

Purchased by Peachy Canyon Winery in 1996 — Replanted in 2015 with 18 different clones taken from 18 different geographically diverse, historic Zinfandel vineyards. This planting mimics UC Davis's Heratige Block.

Varietals: 12.88 acres of Zinfandel, 2.76 acres of Malbec

Spacing: 6 ft x 9 ft

Soil: 1 ft topsoil along with a substantial amount of chalkrock (calcareous material) yields high nutrients that benefit the vines.

Vine Rows: North to South planting due to lack of intense heat

Temperature: Long warm days and cool nights in the Templeton Gap help retain acidity in the grapes. Huge marine influence.