Peachy Canyon Zinfandel Vineyard

Snow Estate

Snow Vineyard vines make for low yields and high quality fruit. This vineyard requires a lot of work because it is hand pruned and hand picked. The attentive care given to this vineyard allows these vines to have the perfect balance between fruit load and canopy growth. Balance is the key to keeping this vineyard healthy and the fruit unique to its site. 

Planted: 1980 — Purchased by Peachy Canyon Winery in 1996, replanted in 2018-2019 

Varietals: Zinfandel-4 acres, Petite Sirah-5 acres, Petit Verdot-2 acres, & Cabernet Sauvignon-2 acres

Spacing: 9 ft x 6 ft

Yield: 2-3 ton/acre, 

Soil: 1-2 ft topsoil covering clay loam

Rootstock: 1103P

Orientation-20 degrees off North

Temperature: Greatest temperature range of all Peachy Canyon Vineyards. It is the hottest zone in the summer and the coolest zone in the winter. This particular ranch can reach up to 112 degrees in the heat of the summer. The soil has a good water holding capacity, therefore we irrigate less during the growing season.